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In the words of the President of the Knitting Club, Knitting Club is intended to be “a fun way to destress and make cool yarncrafts”. You may notice that the President said that the club makes “yarncrafts”, and there is a good reason for that. Even though the club is titled Knitting Club, it has a large number of crocheters, and the club welcomes anybody with any level of skill in any kind of yarncrafts, not limited to knitting and crocheting.

Even though I have never done any sort of yarncrafting before, the club was still welcoming. Most people in the meeting have their own needles and yarn, however usually someone will bring enough extra materials for about two or three beginners. You may also find yourself struggling to make even a slip knot (the first step of knitting anything), let alone anything more advanced. Also, as a beginner, it can be a bit lonely sitting in the front with the other newbies. Luckily though, once you’ve gotten the hang of it, most people find a few buddies with whom they actively craft.

Side note: This is actually one of the few clubs that I’m not a member of to which I’ve been twice! The second time, I was following someone who looked like they were going to a club into a room, and I was pleasantly surprised that I suddenly found people knitting and crocheting in front of me. The reason I published this review even before reviewing clubs on September 15th was because I casually mentioned that I was making a review blog to the President, and to my surprise she asked to see Knitting Club’s review immediately. At that point, this review hadn’t even been started on yet, but I fast-tracked it since they asked nicely.

Anyway, having been to two meetings of Knitting Club, I notice that the opening quote absolutely rings true. Everybody there has fun chatting with friends, making designs, and the club even has a collaborative chill Spotify playlist! Overall, I’d definitely recommend this club if you have any sort of skill with yarncrafting, and even if you don’t have any skill it’s worth a shot!

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